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Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Colours of the Ascension of Humanity

The sky is radiant with colour at sunrise and sunset and in the hues of a rainbow. If one were truly observant, one would see a change in the tones and hues of colours that have become familiar. Yellows are now gold tinged with pink, blues are now more indigo and greens are flecked with gold. These colours indicate that change is happening and the mass awakening of humanity is indeed occurring, despite all attempts by darker forces to prevent it.

The colour pink represents love in all its forms. Rose pink is a deeper embodiment of love in that it represents budding and blossoming, like a rose; an unfolding, if you like, petal by petal, until it is fully formed and complete.

Gold is the colour of Christ, of a higher consciousness and of a higher order of mastery. Rose gold, then is the embodiment of the Christ consciousness which is mastery of love in all its forms and the transmission of teachings of a higher order of consciousness.

To see rose gold emanating from the sky is a blessing because it is a sign that the world is transforming from darkness to light, shedding its 3D shell and emerging into the higher realms of consciousness that embrace love as the unifying force of the Universe, connecting all living and non-living things as one.

If you see the colour violet or purple tinging the rose gold, this is a sure sign that Lightworkers and Starseeds are sending energy to transmute the lower vibrational frequencies emitted by unawakened, disconnected and disillusioned souls who will awaken in their own time but who are being supported and encouraged by their guides through their respective journeys. They include those humans who wish to do harm for their own benefit. There is no judgement for their actions, for they must be the judge when it is time to review their life after their passing.

The colours of the ascension of humanity can be used to assist one’s own awakening and transition to the higher vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension. If you focus on bringing more light into your chakras and energetic fields through meditation and maintaining a positive outlook, you may begin to notice the regular colours of your chakras deepening and changing in their hues. The higher their vibration the faster they turn, altering their frequency which is represented through the colour. They will become iridescent and begin to take on the galactic colours of aqua, gold, magenta deep violet and sparkling silver. Your etheric guides will become of a higher order and your ability to meditate and access your higher mind will increase.

Colour contains frequencies of light, and when combined they become the iridescent white light of creation. All paths lead to the light, so let colour lead you to find a higher vibration and connection to the God within and to your own Divinity.

We are the Cosmic Council, the Brotherhood of Light.

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