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What Victoria's Clients Say

I read your books every day, some chapters over and over again. They speak ultimate truth and I feel they are the only books I would ever need to guide me on this path and I will treasure them always. As I turn to each chapter it feels so perfectly aligned with each next chapter of my own path that I am on. The truth lights me up inside and the knowledge within them always feels so familiar, like remembering what I always knew. They reconfirm everything I’ve always felt deep with in me and with each word I read I feel so eternally free, safe. I feel so loved, held and one with all.
Julie F.

I am so grateful that I met you all those years ago at one of Hobarts psychic expos! Out of the whole room I felt a definite pull towards you! If I hadn’t of listened to my intuition then I wouldn’t have had the experience of opening up a whole new chapter of awakening in my spiritual journey. You have a unique ability to reach people in an non judgmental and positive and relatable way. Not only did you heal my shoulder which by the way I had persistent pain with for 5 years prior, but you gave me back the belief within myself and spirit.

I have just completed a 5 week ‘safe spiritual practices’ course with Victoria and it blew my mind! Putting these teachings into practice will be a pathway for life.To anyone reading this, I highly recommend Victoria Cochrane as a spiritual tutor and healer. 

Donna G.

I wanted to let you know I did the meditation with you last week, I have been going the Massachusetts Eye and Ear for over 5 years trying to heal my wet macular degeneration. The day after the meditation when they took pictures of my eye it was almost completely healed! I know it was Metatron and your meditation because my head was buzzing all around! 

I was amazed because only 6 weeks before it was worse than ever and I was very discouraged so was my doctor. Now it is almost completely cured! Everyone was shocked so I told them about your meditation, they were fascinated!

 I appreciate who you are just wish I lived closer, but, that’s not a problem for Spirit is it.”


Having worked with Victoria on a few occasions I can honestly say not only is she one of the nicest down to earth people I have met, Victoria is extremely good at what she does and has been 100% accurate in guiding and helping me on my journey. I would personally recommend Victoria to anyone who asks and needs guidance about any single thing in their lives. 5 stars from me ❤️ Rachael


Thank you SO MUCH Victoria for yet another amazing reading!

I will never get sick of receiving your guidance and insight.

Thankyou for being so helpful, kind and patient  x


To everyone …you have to book Miss V for a one on one reading, she is unbelievably good and so calm and sooooo spot on….she has helped me a few times, and I am in awe of her talents 😍


Hi Victoria, I saw you when you were at Devonport at the gateway Hotel, and you said to me that I would meet someone by the end of September, ( I really didn’t believe you? Had doubts).. well I did…. and it was a strange way we meet, on Facebook, and it’s progressed from that… you are amazing,, thank you


For anyone that doesn’t know Victoria Cochrane is Tassie’s Psychic of the year and she is amazing!! I always get asked for psychic recommendations as i have been known to see a few 🤣🙈 She said i would be pregnant within 3 months of seeing her (which i didn’t believe 🙊).. Described where our new house Is, the area etc and More! She does phone or in person readings 👌


If you can go and see this lady please do. She will not only rock your world and change your world completely. She is very accurate with what she can tell you about your body and a beautiful person inside and out. You wont regret seeing her.


You are an amazing gift to the world Tor. Your love, guidance, special gifts and compassion are limitless and send ripples out into the world, making it a much better place. You’ve made such a difference for me. My spiritual journey hasn’t been easy, as I’m sure it isn’t for anyone. Nothing worth doing comes easy 😉 Once again, my path feels halted while I deal with something all encompassing, though perhaps that is my path?
Thank you so much for making a huge difference in my life. You’ve helped me so very much and I’m eternally grateful for you.


Thank you so much for today, Victoria. I really needed your assistance… I much appreciate it. I hope at some stage ..that you can possibly teach me if you’d be open to it?… You are a true gift and I’m so thankful for all of your assistance…it really does mean the world to me.


I had a healing from Tori yesterday at her room in Wynyard. I suffer from chronic headaches, have tried many different medications and methods and haven’t had much luck. After my healing with Tori yesterday I have finally had a headache free day!! She’s incredible at the work she does and is undoubtedly gifted. Tor has the most calming presence and is really driven on helping and guiding people who come to her. Thanks so much for your help Tori


“What can I say about Victoria? She’s saved me more than once. I was at rock bottom, trapped in the dark and I found Victoria who guided me out of the darkness and into the light. She helped me to understand, to not be ashamed, to embrace and recover my life. She gave me the tools so, when the darkness starts to shadow me, I can use them to help me. Even when I think the door won’t open, she turns the light on outside doors I didn’t even know were there.
I am grateful every day for the gifts she gave me and that I can now look to the future and my children.”


I was guided to work with Victoria when I came into my own spiritual gifts and was experiencing a lot of confusion and overwhelm as a result. Her mentorship has been invaluable over the past 18mths. Victoria has been a supportive facilitator working with me and my higher team (guides) to explore my spiritual progression (who I am, what am I doing here now) moving through blocks, limiting beliefs (healing) and activating/ embodying more of my gifts.

Victoria is a wonderful teacher and healer who would leave her clients feeling confident and empowered. The high quality of her healings is directly related to the pureness of her heart and direct access to infinite unconditional love (source). Despite her impressive gifts and abilities, Victoria is humble, approachable and just a regular person which helps to create a fun, safe, non-judgemental space. I have recommended many loved ones see Victoria for readings, healings or mentorship and unequivocally trust her gifts.


Dear Victoria, I had no idea about you. I saw a few of your articles posted here and there, but I just connected with your channelings for the first time. You are amaaaaazing! I am being led, big time. I had an OBE 48 years ago and been in recovery ever since. It’s been an amazing journey. Master Djwhal Khul has been my main guide for 48 years. I have a deep mission, deep, deep, deep. But YOU! YOU are amazing. I just had to write to you. You are a true soul sister. I love you Sooooo much. A huge heart-to-heart hug to you.